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About Gum Sudan

Gum Sudan is a company located in Sweden. Sudan is the world’s largest producer of gum Arabic. We have good relation with our partnerns in Sudan and agricultural countries.  Gum Sudan aims to provide its customers and clients with the highest quality of Gum Arabic that meets their needs, expectations and supporting the producers.

Gum-Sudan provides its clients with a safe, healthy product and considers the environmental aspects at every stage in the production chain. Also, one of the company’s policies is to participate in local and international fairs and to organizing international trips to visit the direct consumers of Sudan’s crops for building firm and trustworthy relations with its clients.


Hashab “Acacia Senegal”

Sudan is still the greatest producer of gum Arabic in the world, obviously more than 70% (Wikipedia) of the grade 1 gum Arabic (Acacia Senegal –known in Sudan as Hashab)


Talha “Acacia Seyal”

grade 2 (Acacia Seyal-known in Sudan as Talha) comes from Sudan, which is the real best quality definitely.


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Hashab “ACACIA SENEGAL” Powder

We provide spray dried powder, roller dried powder and machine powder hashab Gum Arabic





We have the capability to provide all the pre-sales services and sell all the products in high quality and extremely competitive prices. We have strict quality control measure at every stage to ensure consistency in quality of the product. Gum-Sudan has became an expert in acacia gum at all levels: raw material sourcing, supply assurance, quality, and traceability.


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